Microsoft SharePoint

Getting Started with SharePoint (3 hours)

Description: An introduction to SharePoint, navigating through SharePoint, setting up your SharePoint profile and using the Help feature.  The participant will then learn how to create and manage content including creating Pages, working with Libraries,  and creating and managing other types of Lists. There will also be an introduction to how to create and set up a New Site

Specialized SharePoint Content (3 hours)

Description: How to manage Libraries including creating Multiple Views, working with Blogs, working with Wikis, working with Workspaces, working with Calendars and using Workflows

Advanced SharePoint Tasks (3 hours)

Description: This course concentrates on Site Administration settings such as permissions for access to your SharePoint site. We will look at how to share a page, view page permissions, create groups, grant permissions, modify permission levels, and check permissions for a user or group. An optional topic will be an introduction to using SharePoint Designer