Microsoft Excel

Working with Databases and Pivot Tables and Charts (3 hours)

Description: Maintaining Data in a Table, Sorting Lists, Filtering Data Based on Various Criteria. What is a Pivot Table?, Creating a Pivot Table, Working with the PivotTable Data, Formatting a PivotTable, Advanced Pivot Tables Tasks, Using Slicers, and an Introduction to PivotCharts

Understanding Formulas and Functions (3 hours)

Description: Understanding Math Operators and Order of Operation. Absolute and Relative References, Naming Cells and Ranges.  Creating Linking Formulas across Worksheets and Workbooks. Start with Simple Functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX and COUNT. More Advanced Functions such as CONCATENATION, TODAY, NOW, TEXT Functions (LEFT, RIGHT, MID)

Analyzing Data with Charts in Excel (2 hours)

Description:  Charts allow you to analyze information visually, in a way that is more influential than raw data, and charts happen to be one of the most powerful and easy-to-use features in Excel. This course will show how to create different kinds of Excel charts, from column, bar, and line charts to exploded pies, and help you decide which type works best for your data. You will also learn how to fine-tune your chart’s color and style; add titles, labels, and legends and insert shapes, pictures, and text boxes.  We will also look at how to pull data from multiple sources.

Data List Management (3 hours)

Description: Maintaining Data in a Table, Sorting Lists, Filtering Data Based on Various Criteria, Advanced Filter, Automatic Subtotals, Dbase Functions such as dsum, daverage, dcount, etc.

Using If Functions and Lookup Functions and More (3 hours)

Description: Understanding Absolute and Relative References, Testing data using the IF Function, SUMIF, AND and OR, Auto filling Information Based on Criteria using LOOKUP Functions, Auditing Workbooks using Precedents and Dependents, Tracing Errors, Evaluating Formulas

Creating and Editing Templates (Fill-in Forms) (2 hours)

Description: Protecting/Unprotecting Cells, Worksheet Protection, Workbook Protection, Creating a Template, Editing a Template

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