Why Training is Important

Quoted from Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

Why Training Is Important to Employee Engagement
Companies lose $350 billion a year because of employee disengagement.

Disengaged employees and a high turnover rate impact your business’ productivity, level of innovation, and ultimately the bottom line.”


Training is an effective way to invest in people. Not only does it make them work efficiently but they also feel good about themselves and therefore, are productive in their work.

The one thing that you can always be sure of in life is change (and, of course, death and taxes). With change comes, inevitably, push back, resistance, and feelings of “not knowing”.  The best thing that a company can do for their employees is to make sure they stay current and up to date with the new technology; make sure they know their job and know it well; make sure they have the tools to do that job efficiently and effectively to the best of their ability.

Learning is a gift and knowledge is power. Some employers are afraid that if they train their people, they will leave BUT, what if they don’t leave….but rather, instead, just work with an increase in satisfaction.  When a company is rolling out a new software package, or a new process, or a new “anything”, by training their employees during the rollout, it makes everyone feel that they are all in the same “boat”. They are all learning together, making mistakes together, and getting answers together. They will lean on each other for support including management because they too, are learning. Learning is a continuous venture and it is never ending in nature right from the bottom up!

In regards to a new software rollout, a good training strategy, and has proven to work time and time again, is “Just in time” training (also referred to as JITT). This means that training is provided when it is actually needed rather than on a deferred schedule. The right material (new software), at the right time (when the computer is updated), the right place (classroom or online) and in the exact amount (condensed to give the exact information needed to be efficient with the new software). Well before the change occurs, there has to be a focus on Change Management (people change not just technology change). If you want people to adopt a new concept, you have to emphasize to them the benefits of the change, the importance of the change and the success within the company when we actually do the change. If proper Change Management does not happen, the adoption and acceptance will fizzle and therefore, may not even be used in the long run causing perhaps, thousands or many millions of dollars lost.

With proper training in the workplace, it prevents the employee from becoming silo’d. To be a fair employer, you need to accept that people do change; their dreams and aspirations change and, therefore, they may leave. And to that end, we want to make sure that they are well rounded, knowledgeable in the latest technology and are diverse enough that they can grow their career whether it is within the same company or a different company.

The most valuable employees are ambitious and will always need room to grow. Through training, that ambition and growth is realized.

~~Debra Fox



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